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- Boulder (CO) - United States
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Nationality : American
Birth date : 1986-10-30
Field of expertise : Community Development / Water Supply / Sludge management


I have experience in WASH projects in the field during implementation, in a monitoring capacity, in the classroom, in the office as a designer, and as a researcher. I plan to grow as a professional working with a WASH organization that contributes to a positive change.

Work Experience

Volunteer Interpreter & WASH Engineer - Americans Caring, Teaching Sharing (ACTS) (Yoro - Honduras)
- Responsible for in-country communications and served as interpreter for a field mission doing an assessments for a combined drinking water and electricity project in rural Honduras
- Advisor for water & sanitation infrastructure at medical clinic, school, bunkhouse and library
- Conducted monitoring of previous WASH projects in the area as they relate to technical, social, financial, political success factors
Professional Research Associate - University of Colorado (Boulder, CO - United States)
Reinventing the Toilet Project
To be completed
Student Researcher - University of Colorado (Boulder, CO - United States)
- Conducted a literature review on the topic of point-of-use chlorination evaluating uptake and sustained use of these interventions
- Completed lab investigations assessing the ability of charcoals (biochars) to safely control chlorine residuals at the point-of-use for improved user acceptability
Student Research Consultant - Conservación de la Naturaleza Amazónica del Perú (Iquitos - Peru)
- Performed monitoring and evaluation on community water treatment plants built in rural Amazonian communities based on technical operation, individual use, management/operation and larger social issues
- Assessed a pilot program for point of use treatment systems and made recommendations for their design and potential for being scaled up
- Helped perform regression analysis to assess sustained use of community WTPs.
Admin Assistant - Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Com (Boulder, CO - United States)
- Laid out, compiled and helped write quarterly newsletter for the center using new styleguide from the University of Colorado and the Civil, Environmental and Architecture Engineering Department
- Completed miscellaneous tasks associated with research and administration at the Mortenson Cener
Project Manager - Engineers Without Borders (Boulder, CO - United States)
To be completed.
Water Resource Co-op - SEA Consultants (Cambridge, MA - United States)
- Aided in design and drafting of municipal sewer improvement and expansion projects
- Edited and managed GIS maps for municipalities
- Investigated sewer and drain cross connections and related contamination
- Performed flow and pressure measurements in the field
- Analyzed TV sewer inspection tapes for pipe conditions and made improvement recommendations
- Full time Co-op employee for 6 month period, part time during school, continued full time during summer after graduation
Senior Designer Capstone Project - Northeastern University (Boston, MA - United States)
- Designed a drinking water supply and distribution system for a community of 1,000 people consisting of multiple boreholes, pumping schemes, water storage and community taps.
- Completed water demand estimates, alternatives analysis of solar/generator pumping alternatives, hydraulic modeling, structural design, construction phasing and system failure analysis
Water Services Co-op - Dresser & McKee, Inc. (Cambridge, MA - United States)
- Sketched conceptual design pipe routes for a raw water aqueduct
- Created and managed an online document repository for public viewing
- Analyzed raw water quality data and created charts and graphs to find trends
- Researched and compiled grant and loan applications for environmental projects
- Full time Co-op employee for 6 month period
Vice President of Projects - Engineers Without Borders (Boston, MA - United States)
- Designed and oversaw construction of gravity-fed water distribution system in rural Honduras, spending one month at the project site providing phasing options for public taps in the community
- Contributed to project report documents
- Sized and designed a 6,500 gallon water storage tank made of brick & mortar
- Oversaw the inception of a new water program in Bbanda, Uganda
Civil Engineering Co-op - R.J. O’Connell & Associates (Stoneham, MA - United States)
- Performed project research and due diligence for possible retail sites
- Created concept plans for future developments using AutoCAD 2007
- Assembled cost estimates, reports and plans
- Full time Co-op employee for 8 month period


Master - University of Colorado (Boulder, CO - United States)
Engineering > Environmental
Graduated May 2012
M.S. Environmental Engineering with a Certificate in Engineering for Developing Communities
GPA 3.96/4.00
Bachelors - Northeastern University (Boston, MA - United States)
Engineering > Civil
Graduated May 2010 – Summa Cum Laude
B.S. in Civil Engineering
GPA 3.88/4.00


English - Native
Spanish - Full professional proficiency

Software & Other Relevant Skills

Certified EIT: October, 2009
- Hydraulic modeling software: WaterGEMS and EPANET
- AutoCAD, Civil 3D
- Microsoft Office Suite including: Microsoft Project, Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint
Prezi Zooming Presentation Editor, HOMER Renewable Energy Software, DRUPAL Content Management System

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