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- Moshi - United Republic of Tanzania
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Nationality : German
Birth date : 1953-02-19
Field of expertise : Water Supply / Project Management / Utility management


civil engineer/industrial engineer, 22 years experience in Subsaharan Africa seeks job in Africa

Work Experience

Management Advisor - GIZ (Moshi - Tanzania)
Advisor to the Regional Secretariat, Kilimanjaro Region, Moshi:
Supporting the regional administration in the technical and organisational assistance to six district and four urban water supply authorities in the region.
Management Advisor - DED / GIZ (Mtwara - Tanzania)
Management Advisor to Mtwara Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority MTUWASA, Mtwara, Tanzania:
Assisting the management in the O&M of the WS for a town of 125,000 people, introducing GIS as a management and planning tool, rehabilitating water sources (boreholes) and treatment works and making the water supply fit for 200,000 people in 2030. Supporting in the planning of sustainable sanitation systems to cover demand in 2020 and 2030.
Project Manager - IGIP mbH (Kumasi - Ghana)
Project Manager of Rural Water Supply Programme financed by KfW in Ashanti Region of Ghana:
Tendering, construction supervision and accounting for the construction of 1090 boreholes with hand-pumps in 600 villages, school and household sanitation and accompanying measures for the training of water committees and pump mechanics. All work was executed by inter-/national contractors, supervised by local consultants under the lead of the project manager being responsible for the coordination, completion in time and within budget limits, reporting, budget control reported to client and financier.
Executive Director - Schaefer BauPlan GmbH (Kolbermoor - Germany)
Director and owner of a small company in Kolbermoor, Germany. Design and construction of timber frame structures for the extension, renovation and new construction of residential buildings.
Project Coordinator - RODECO GmbH (Mekele - Ethiopia)
Project Coordinator of ‚Tigray Water Supply Project‘ for RODECO/GTZ in Mekele, Tigray in Ethiopia.
Management advisory services and training to water boards of small town water supply systems in the Tigray region in order to achieve sustainability through improved management systems and cost covering tariffs. Advice and training to workshops of the Tigray Bureau of Water Resource Development on the way to commercialisation and cost coverage. Advice and support in restructuring the TBWRD from an operation and maintenance agent to a regulatory, advisory and supervisory department.
Project Engineer - Woltmann + Knoop GmbH (Ahnsbeck - Germany)
Planning Engineer, Quantity Surveyor and Site Agent for water supply networks, sanitation (sewer pipes, pump mains, pump stations) and small roadwork in existing villages and new settlements with contract values ranging from DM 0.2 to 3.0 millions.
self-employed - self-employed (Eldingen - Germany)
Self-employed as architect and builder for a timber frame house:
Planning, design, static calculation; construction supervision; partially execution of skilled handicraft.
Technical Advisor - GTZ (Mutare - Zimbabwe)
Advisor and trainer in Ministry of Water:
O&M of more than 100 piped water supplies, 8 dams for water supplies and irrigation, 11 small holder irrigation schemes.
Supervision of design and construction of 35 new water supplies. Advice and training to engineers and technicians through on-the-job training, internal and external training courses.
Commercialisation of ministry's operative functions supported through analysis of the existing central billing system. Programming of decentralised billing system for the provinces was developed, supervised, debugged and implemented in all provinces.
Project Engineer - Bilfinger + Berger BauAG (Wiesbaden - Germany)
Member of project management team for road and bridge construction in Tripoli, Libya (Tripoli Ring Road, Souk el Jumaa: four-lane highway, 'turn-key' project including traffic and directional signs, street lighting and diversion of existing service systems, contract value approx. DM 600 millions).
Compilation of bill of quantities and technical specifications, preparation of tenders and contracts, time scheduling, progress control, system design, macro-programming and introduction of computerised billing (Lotus 1-2-3), organisation and control of personnel, material and equipment.
Project Manager - DED (Kandara / Thika - Kenya)
Site Agent and Project Manager of a piped rural water supply in Kandara, Kenya (Kandara Water Scheme).
Amendment of design, construction supervision and management of WS for 200,000 people (requiring approx. 500kms of PVC/steel pipes ND 50 - 300mm, 8500 private connections, 750 public standpipes), organisation of community participation, purchase, personnel management (approx. 80 employees), accounting for board of trustees and donors (for construction costs of DM 25 millions), design of technical and administrative structure for operation and maintenance after completion of construction.


Bachelors - FH Rendsburg (Rendsburg - Germany)
Business and Administrative studies > Business Studies
Dipl Wirtschaftsing equal to BSc Industrial Engineering, major in business IT, minors in business management, system analysis, accounting.
Master - TH Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe - Germany)
Engineering > Civil
Dipl. Ing (TH) equal to BSc in civil engineering and MSc in Construction Management, minor topics were statical calculation, water & sanitation, road construction, soils, statistical calculation, concrete/steel/wood construction


German - Native
French - Basic
3 years school French, can understand newspaper articles
Kiswahili - Basic
can exchange basic information
English - Full professional proficiency

Software & Other Relevant Skills

fluent in Office applications, not bad in AutoCAD and EPANET (needs just some refreshing), understand application GIS and can plan its use strategically..

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