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- Kigali (Kigali) - Rwanda
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Nationality : Rwandese
Birth date : 1976-05-01
Field of expertise : Wastewater Treatment / Groundwater / EIA


To pursue continuous improvement as a professional Engineer in project management, coordination and providing
leadership in addressing environment and climate change challenges.

Work Experience

Post Graduate Coordinator - Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (Kigali - Rwanda)
I am coordinating two post graduate programs (MSc in Transportation Engineering and
Economics, and MSc in Highways Engineering and Management programs). my main task is to monitor lectures from various university (The Universities of Leeds, Salford,
Birmingham andStellenbosch),
Technical Expert in KIST-EWSA Project - KIST-EWSA and World Bank (Kigali - Rwanda)
This project aims at safeguarding sustainability of the Government of Rwanda’s existing and future Renewable Energy (RE)
portfolio (Investments) financed either by the Government of Rwanda or in partnership with donor agencies.
Lecturer - Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (Kigali - Rwanda)
Courses taught at KIST: Environmental Management, Alternative energy Sources, water Quality Analysis and
Treatment as well as Wastewater Treatment


Doctorate - China University of Geosciences (Wuhan - China)
Engineering > Environmental
I was involved in collaborative research
composed by researchers from Peking University, China University of Geosciences at Wuhan, and
University of Southern California with the aim to address fundamental issues associated with large-scale sequestration
of CO2 in saline formations.
Master - China University of Geosciences (Wuhan - China)
Engineering > Environmental
The main objective of my research was to find out the groundwater vulnerable zones in Yuncheng basin using DRASTIC
Bachelors - Kigali Institute of Science & Technology (Kigali - Rwanda)
Engineering > Civil
My bachelor's dissertation was on using lime for soil stabilization
Diploma - Kigali Institute of Science & Technology (Kigali - Rwanda)
Engineering > Civil
My diploma dissertation was on the quality and quantity of groundwater use in Rwanda


English - Fluent
French - Fluent
Chinese - Basic


Training on T 21 and Vensim model


2012-12-01 Simultaneous CO2 injection and saline formation water production to control pressure increase while storing CO2 in Deep Saline Aquifers, - Telesphore Kabera et al.,
Published in Diffusion and Defect Journal (Indexed by EI Compendex) DOI:
10.4028/ (Indexed by EI Compendex and Science Direct)
2011-04-01 injection in Deep Saline Aquifers: A study on pressure evolution in stratified formation of Qianjiang Sag, China - Telesphore Kabera, Yilian Li,
Published in Internationa Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications, Vol 2, No 2,
2011-04-01 storage capacity in Qinjiang Depression Area in Jianghan Basin, China - Telesphore Kabera, Yilian Li,
Published in International Conference of Civil and Environmental Engineering to be held in Wuhan from 15-
17,2011,DOI: 10.1109/ICETCE.2011.5776220 (indexed by EI Compendex).
2010-09-01 Salinity impact precipitation during CO2 injection into saline aquifers in Jianghan Basin, China - Yibing Ke, Ylian Li, Telesphore Kabera, Wei Zhang, Peng Cheng, Qi Fang, Sanxi Peng
Presented in GCEP Research Symposium
2011-10-01 Hydrogeological Characteristics of Saline Aquifers and Solutions to Salt Precipitation and Pressure Build-Up During CO2 Storage in Jianghan Basin, China - Yibing Ke, Yilian Li, Ying Yu, Telesphore Kabera, Wei Zhang, and Qi Fang
Presented in GCEP
Research Symposium,
October 2011 (
2008-05-01 A GIS based DRASTIC model for assessing groundwater in shallow aquifer in Yuncheng basin, Shanxi, China - Kabera Telesphore, Luo Zhaohui,
Research Journal of Applied Sciences 3 (3): 195-205, 2008. ISSN: 1815-932X. (ASCI)

Software & Other Relevant Skills

TOUGH React, TOUGH2. ArcGIS 9.x
(ArcMap-ArcInfo), ERDAS Imagine 8.4 and Vensim

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