Master of Science in Hydrosystems at Javeriana University of Bogotá


The Master of Science in Hydrosystems addresses the Climate-soil-biota relationships in different hydrosystems (e.g. basins, rivers, lakes, estuary, aquifers, coasts, irrigation districts, reservoirs, treatment plants, sewers, among others) so as to contribute to the solution of the main water related problems affecting today’s society related to water resources availability, quality, and sustainability.

This postgraduate study program focuses on the need for a multidisciplinary and integrated approach from all the academics backgrounds involved in the management of hydrosystems such as engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, ecology and geology among other disciplines.


The program is delivered in Spanish Language and consists in courses on Ecohydrology and Ecohydraulics, Management of Hydrosystems, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, two seminars with Statistics and hydroinformatic tools, among others; as well as mid-term and final research projects. It is intended to engineers, basic sciences or earth sciences professionals who are willing to gain skills and knowledge on the scientific and technological aspects of planning, designing, modeling, constructing, maintaining and controlling hydrosystems.
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Jaime Lara, CE, MSc, PhD
Program Director

Published on 2014-04-01 10:24:52

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