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MSc Water Security and International Development

Inextricably linked to people's welfare and livelihoods in non-industrialised contexts, water is a resource of fundamental importance to environment and development concerns. This Master's programme will critically reflect on the practical and theoretical facets of 'water security', with a view to develop a better foundation upon which to achieve developmental and environmental objectives.

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Water Security Short Course

The course will provide policy-makers and professionals with comprehensive background knowledge relevant to the increasingly important policy challenge of ‘water security’. The implications for national security and human security will be interpreted through an appreciation that water security for some can mean water insecurity for others. The importance of shifting global climate and trade patterns in the international political economy will further be incorporated.

Visit the course website and read a presentation flyer

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Dr. Mark Zeitoun
+44 (0)1603 591709


Published on 2014-03-05 11:11:07

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