Feb 25th ’19 09:00 am

 5th Annual: Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Management

The race for more effective and efficient green technologies for industrial wastewater continues with tighter environmental regulations by the government as well as rising expectations on the industry. Industrial leaders have now channeled their focus on integrating wastewater technologies and upgrading their treatment plants to explore alternative solutions and improve efficiency in their operating processes. If you are still reluctant to invest in advanced eco-friendly solutions, there is a chance you will be eliminated by the industry or worst, breaching the environmental law.


Wastewater treatment and management has been gaining significant attention over the past one year with more and more support from the government as well as contributions from private sectors. However, many organisations are still struggling to fulfill the regulatory standards due to the aging equipments that they are currently using. Many organisations try to meet these requirements by upgrading their wastewater treatment plants but the costly initiative took a back burner instead. Nonetheless, the situation can be turned around by using economical but high performance alternative solutions that would turn most of these costs into profits and capitals.


Due to high demand, we have brought back our successful annual Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Management event. This unique workshop will focus on exploring cutting-edge technologies and alternative chemical-biological solutions that focus on reducing operational cost and turning waste into by-products and energy.


Key Topics


  • Achieving the regulatory benchmark implemented by the environmental department and industrial leaders
  • Boosting efficiency by upgrading treatment processes with leading-edge solutions and technologies
  • Pioneering into self-sustainable energy consumption by converting waste into energy
  • Exploring and adopting result proven alternative chemical and biological solutions
  • Diminishing the cost of operations and maintenance while eliminating disruption through effective troubleshooting


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Event title 5th Annual: Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Management
From 2019-02-25 09:00
To 2019-02-26 18:00
City Kuala Lumpur
Country Malaysia
Posted by Global Water Jobs

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