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Global Water Jobs E-Calendar

In an effort to keep you informed about upcoming events of the sector, we have created the Water E-Calendar. Access information about conferences and future meetings worldwide from the different disciplines involved in water and sanitation management. 
You can download and install the Water E-Calendar on your computer, smartphone or tablet in a few seconds through the following link:
Get the calendar

This will automatically add every water related event posted on our website to your prefered device calendar.

PLEASE send us information about the events that are missing in the Water E-Calendar. We will be happy to include them.


Did you subscribed to the E-calendar twice? or maybe you just want to remove it?

Mac (iCalendar)
View > Show Calendars (or click Calendars button)
Select the calendar you want to delete
- Do not check or uncheck any boxes, those are used to hide calendars
- To select a calendar, just click once on the title of the calendar
Edit > Delete
PC (Outlook)
Did you import the .ics or open it as a calendar?
- If you opened it as a calendar, it should be listed in File, Account Settings, Internet Calendars - delete it from there.
- If you imported it, you need to use a list view and sort by Modified date - everything in that ics should have the same modified time.
Lotus Notes
Open your Mail Inbox.
- Select the entry you want to delete.
- From the menu, choose Edit - Delete.
- Do one of the following:
Click Delete to permanently delete the Calendar entry from your Mail and Calendar.
Click Remove to remove the Calendar entry from the current view it appears in, but not permanently delete it from the Mail database. You can still find it in the Meetings view.
Click Cancel to cancel deleting or removing the Calendar entry.


Published on 2014-01-27 12:10:08

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