Candidate Selection Services

In addition to dynamic job board activity, Global Water Jobs also provides candidate selection services to assist employers with the specific and highly technical needs of human resources for our precise sub-sector experiencing talent shortages. The continuous evolution of technology requires us to adapt new recruitment methods and understand the nature of employment and its trends. 

We can act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing highly qualified candidates on behalf of our clients. Our database of employers includes: multinational companies, consultancy firms, utilities, development agencies, foundations, NGOs, research institutes, universities, international organisations, and government departments.
At Global Water Jobs, we know that candidates are our most valuable asset. We work with specialists from a wide range of professional backgrounds with expertise in all disciplines involved in water and sanitation management. We meet all relevant legal requirements to recruit staff for both permanent and temporary positions.
Global Water Jobs can assist employers in all stages of the recruitment process as illustrated in the figure below.

The best candidates are identified through targeted selection interviewing methods and other mainstream recruitment techniques. Targeted selection interviewing is used to evaluate candidates competencies based on their performance and behaviour in previous jobs. Candidates go through a series of questions carefully designed prior to interview. Answers are then analysed to compare and select the best option for each client. 

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