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"I discovered Global Water Jobs about 6 months ago and I have not been disappointed since then: GWJ is an innovative board, which connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where everyone can access to water. As an employer within a humanitarian organization specialized in the implementation of development programs, of which 40% of are on water, hygiene and sanitation, I look for professional who are adequately qualified and fully committed. Global Water Jobs allows me now to connect with candidates who want to go to the field, manage programs in order to make a difference and find practical solutions to social and environmental problems."

Pauline Watine, HR - Recruitment Manager at Inter Aide

"This is the third time that we use Global Water Jobs services to promote our Technical Training in Water and Sanitation Infrastructure. Advertising our event on the the Water E-Calendar allowed us to gain more visibility at the international level and increase the number of registrered participants."


Mathieu Monteleone, Technical Director



Jobseekers reviews


" I am very pleased with the assistance and constant guidance from the representatives of Global Wwater Jobs which is a very user friendly and informative online portal for jobseekers in the field of water, health and sanitation. I feel glad to say that I would recommend this portal to fellow jobseekers  who can help themselves, like me, to get in touch with International organisations to build an overwhelming career in this field."

Shah Noor Hossain (Germany)


"As an actor in the field of water, I would like to thank Global Water Jobs for sharing international employment on water, as well as for the help and advice offered to me during registration and completion of my resume (international profile). The entire process was easy, fast and uncomplicated. I think this site is a practical source of information for those working in fields related to Water Sanitation & Hygiene (employer and jobseeker). One of my dreams is to become an international development actor in the field of water, and I trust it's going to happen through Global Water Jobs."

Lanto Raharijohn (Madagascar)

"Well,I have confidence that it is a platform for providing jobs opportunity to the relevant job seekers as well as building capacity of professional water related professionals,so keep it up and continue raising our hopes."
Babangida Sani (Nigeria)

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