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Global Water Jobs has created an innovative job board specialising in employment and careers related to water and sanitation management. The website also serves as a dynamic information hub that informs users about education programsscholarship opportunities, and international events of the sector. 


The job board software is based on a complete set of technologies and it has been specifically developed to reflect inherent characteristics of the sector, allowing employers and candidates to easily find the solution sought without losing time. Employers are drawn from government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGO), development agencies, consultancy firms, utilities, university, and research institutes. Jobseekers include lecturers, researchers, professionals, consultants, students and graduates.

GWJ acknowledges the fundamental importance of collective decision-making and recognises the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral nature of water resource management. Our audience therefore includes all jobseekers and employers from all academic and professional backgrounds including: engineering, hydrology, geology, biology, chemistry, sociology, law, economics, environmental sciences, policy, planning, natural resource management, public health, agricultural science, governance, humanitarian and development affairs, and others.



Our mission is to positively contribute to making up the workforce of all organisations and businesses of the water and sanitation management sector throughout the world to ensure equitable and sustainable access to water resources.


The GWJ’s vision is one of a world where water professionals are adequately qualified and fully committed to improving access for all to a clean and safe environment.



  • Professionalism

Consistently meet commitments and deadlines, achieve results, and perform all functions involved in our activity with professional competence and mastery.

  • Accountability and Transparency
Accept responsibility for all actions, products, and decisions made by the company and be answerable for resulting consequences. Report and disclose results in a transparent manner. 
  • Equity
Remove arbitrariness from selection processes and ensure equal opportunities for all by promoting the employment of the most skilled and talented candidate, impeding any discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or disability. 
  • Knowledge and Skills
Contribute continuously to knowledge and skills improvement of the workforce within businesses and organisations working in water and sanitation.

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